Mmm I’d like to linger
mmm a little longer
mmm a little longer with you
mmm it’s such a perfect night
mmm it doesn’t seem quite right
mmm that it should be my last with you
mmm and come september
mmm i will remember
mmm the days i spent with you
mmm and as the years go by
mmm i’ll think of you and sigh
mmm this is goodnight and not goodbye
Oh the wonderful camping days huh?
We’d sing that every year, and do you want to know something? Every single time that was sung will girls I’ve only known for 2 weeks, was probably the most emotional song I’ve sung with people. Because it meant something. But as the years go by, psht! I don’t really remember them, I just remember having fun and making friends for the two weeks. We’d make plans…

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