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Donadea Castle (1)

Donadea Castle (2)

The next port of call on my recent blitz was the striking ruin of Donadea Castle. I had been meaning to visit for some time now and since I was in the area, I really didn’t need an excuse.  I’m still not quite sure why it’s called a castle, as the current structure appears to be more of a great Mansion house than a castle, but then again it more than likely takes its name from an earlier fortification on the site. It can be found in Donadea Forest Park which is now owned by Coillte the company who runs the state forests. A word of warning, on arrival you are met by an automated barrier and to gain entry will set you back €5. It’s a hefty price to pay just to park your car, but I had my heart set on checking out the ruins after the earlier…

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