alatum angelus

The halls are getting narrower each day

The murmurs intensify their subtle state

The echoes of the footsteps drown in thunderous chatters

Then the smiles begin to evanescence.

… I am fading …


And I feel like a dream slowly backing away

from the halls I used to haunt.

…I am not found…


Another circadian shall approach my fate

And I will begin to walk down the cruel world

From a familiar hymn that shall lift the roof off the building

And the birds’ thrones shall be taken by soaring green graduation caps

And the space shall be filled with high-spirited screams.

…I am lonely…


My face might wear a huge grin on that day

But buried deep within my heart

Is an unusual feeling of penitence, heartsickness, and desperate yearning

If this was a movie, I’d consider it a precious waste

It’s as if all the…

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