Middle Age Spread 2014


Courtesy of ‘HArsh Reality'(he’s a great blogger- check him out) I am inspired to write a blog about


I have many –

not the sort of regret that wishes I had made different life choices, I agree with other bloggers who have said that the choices they have made are the reason they are today……


I don’t want tor regret the choices I have made in my life – to do so could be really hurtful to those I love, because while I may have regrets, I do not regret the life that lead me to them.

I see alot of selfishness wrapped up in regret and I wonder why that is.

It’s an emotion I don’t enjoy and always wish to avoid. I guess I see a lot of selfishness in a lot of my life……

it hovers over me – wraps itself around me like a…

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