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My Husband is Not My Prince Charming

Blogging and Powerblogging Folder Added

Blogging and Powerblogging Folder Added.

Holding Hands

If I lit a candle,
would you step away,
after months of walking;
sharing many games of play?
Would you turn your back on me
because you saw the color of my eyes;
feeling like I wasn’t a friend at all;
just a bunch of lies?
Or will you take this candle
and peer into my heart;
a monster doesn’t live here …
please show me who you are.

My First Poem

Self-Promotion Thread – New Bloggers Welcome

Elephant In The Room

My mind wanders
in the dark
for what my eyes
cannot see.
Leathery wrinkles
lead me about
as I keep getting smacked
by what I am to hear.
Be still!
Let me hold it’s ear;
perhaps then
I will gain for what I search.
Thoughts get lost
in the underbelly;
huge form
is almost crushing
as this quandary
sits upon my chest.
Sleepless nights
dictate we are training
for a circus!
Can I not
find you,
my dear
Elephant In The Room?

So What Are You Offering Your Readers?

The Photo

I am their God

Keeping Score

This is what we watched in my Leadership class :