Saumya Puri

i dreamt of having you in my life 
but the dream broke and i cut myself with a knife
i am sure you hardly care
as you believe in the fact that in love and war,everything is fair

I expected a lot from you 
it hurted me when they broke in a minute or few
i thought love never dies 
but all it ever did to me was make me cry

You were the only thing that i ever wished for 
is this the end or is there anything more?
i wish you knew what you mean to me 
all you call me is an annoying bee

you gave me pain,you make me cry 
i stay happy is what i always try 
you’ll cry,when i’ll go
you’ll never have me back and thats when you will turn low 

you gave me such fake beautiful dreams 
sadly,they’ll always remain JUST a…

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