Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

An evil emperor
of foreign lands
Landed on clam waters
Scorched the earth
Destroyed the lands
Annihilated animals
Enslaved people
Then put them under
His boots and screamed
Tell me where are your gods now
One child had the courage
No fear in those deep black eyes
Looked at him and simply said
If you keep doing this, you will be dead
Emperor got angry took boy to task
Got his sword and tell him to ask
For forgiveness to his mighty sin
Child was fearless, replied with a grin
If you can’t make me do what I am told
Think how much power you really hold
Humanity is not here because gods made it so
Fortitude, courage, desire to grow
These same people, you pillage and ruin
If had a good heart their souls you can win
Power you crave is nothing more than a dream
The day you…

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