HarsH ReaLiTy

This post is actually sparked by a comment. Surprise huh? As many of you know most of my posts are sparked by interaction from you or reading your blogs. That is what is so fun about blogging to me. It is a never-ending connection of… connection and ideas. I don’t understand how ANYONE could have “writer’s block” in a place like WordPress. People are talking about serious, sad, fun, happy, stupid, and lame stuff all the time!

My WordPress hint of the day: Tags are how you find what people are writing about. Follow the main tags. But even more important than that, find the “active tags” like the ones that are being used because of a special subject… or day. Currently the topic “Valentine’s Day,” which can be reached by going to either the reader or the freshly pressed tab and typing in the tag name in the search bar…

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