( encouraged by a dear friend to write )

This Creative artist
loves classical music;
Compassion is the media
with which I work.
Yet distorted footprints
are sapping my Joy .
Where did you come from
you vicious beast?
Randomly clawing my brain
….Distorting my treble clef…
Dropping me
to an immobilizing state
for days,
Leaving books unread,
Pictures unfinished,
Music flat;
Feeling like I’m losing control.
Few know who you are…
have felt
the outline of your form.
The pain you inflict
lasts only seconds…
A skip on a record;
Pressing your print
firm in my brow;
Driving your claw
deep into sporadic
spots through my artists tarp.
Were you my fathers pet,
Haunting his mind…
Imprisoning him in seizures ?
But you were captured
with a pill. …
Clamped into submission.
You are not allowed here !
Will you dissolve
in the water
I use to paint?
Or retreat
through restful lullaby
of vintage violin?
Your wanderings
have been noted!
No longer
will you hide
in the shadows
of who I am,
nor change the direction
of which I am headed!
With the map I’ve been given,
I shall follow the Captain
across pioneered trails
to where crescendos tickle
and harmonies tease
at a Gallery of Masterpieces.