Excitement consumes me
as I enter with curiosity
flitting about.
Wonder awaits me
in the foyer,
ready to guide me
through each room.
The title of each piece
is announced,
in bold letters.
Picking up each masterpiece,
I’m drawn in;
The eyes catch me first,
revealing what is seen;
My heart is embraced….
I hear the words …
Faithful or not
to the artists plan;
They drop me
to the floor
to sew them into my life..
As soon as I do
I am lifted high
upon the shoulders
of encouragement.
But no…
I am not afraid of this height .
Peace has blanketed me-
buckling me in for the journey.
These eyes catch me again,
beckoning me to stay…
I press firm,
leaving my fingerprint
as many others…
and wander
to the next picture,
forgetting about time.